Structure with the help of multi-level headings

One of the main tools for structuring documents is the use of headings. On a visual level, headlines are usually marked with a larger font size or a bolder font style.

For Accessibility the headings are additionally marked with <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5> or <H6> Tags in the PDF format. The numbers in those heading tags reflect a hierarchy from the highest level <H1> to the lowest level <H6>. This hierarchy allows content parts to be nested and assigned to each other.

The assignment of these tags gives the header texts a semantic meaning on a technical level. Thus, AT automatically recognises which heading / heading level it is.

In addition, users get another possibility to navigate through a document. 67.5% of screenreader users have stated, according to a WebAIM survey, that headings are their most important tool for finding content.

The heading tags can already be assigned using the authoring software. See also: