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Github and Markdown

In order to make suggestions for changes easier and faster, this website is synchronized with the Github Repository pixelstrolch/accessible-pdf. Contributors can adapt content directly and submit a proposal (Pull Request).

Markdown document is synchronized via the Github platform with the website.

If you want to clarify changes or additions before investing your precious time, I recommend you create an Issue. This way we can “discuss” your idea together.

The markup language, in which the posts are written, is Markdown. If you haven’t had any experience with it – don’t worry you’ll be able to handle it in no time. You can read more about the syntax on or in the Github Guide for example.

You can find more information on how to use Github in the Contributors Guide.

Translations and typos

Mistakes can always happen to anyone, especially in a foreign language. If you find mistakes, no one will be offended if you report them. On the contrary, thanks to your correction, this place will become more professional.

Adjust existing posts

The tutorials on this website should be short and concise, but provide informative support for the reader.

Maybe you think that an alternative wording would lead better to this goal.

You may find that a tutorial is not yet sufficiently documented. A simple example are the articles in the Troubleshooting section. It contains the program in which the problem was detected and its version. If you can reproduce the problem under other conditions, this would be a small but valuable addition.

Add a new tutorial

Wow, you wanna know! But you’re right – there’s still a lot to do.

In the Kanban Board in the column “ToDo” you can see what I wrote down and planned. Maybe we had the same idea. If not, it’s best to create an Issue first and we’ll discuss it.

Accessibility and Design

I take great care to ensure that this website is accessible to everyone. If you find any mistakes, please let us get this embarrassment out of the way!

I am also open to any suggestions you may have regarding the design of this website. If it leads to an improvement in usability, I will be happy to follow that up.

In conclusion

I hope now you still want to contribute to this website and look forward to your contribution.

If you want to contribute and this information isn’t enough for you, let us chat via eMail.