Who doesn’t feel this way? When you get into a new topic, you are quickly overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of information. In this basics section you are exactly right to get started with the production of accessible documents.

But not only absolute beginners will be helped here. The basics also cover technical topics and help advanced users as a reference guide.

At the moment, covers two applications for creating PDF documents, namely Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. Therefore, the basics are divided into the following subsections:

General tutorials #

Posts that cannot be assigned to a specific application are listed here.

Reading recommendation: For a very first start, the first, short article is highly recommended. Since the second contribution is about testing the document, this can be read well later, after the application-specific instructions, been read. The third article is technical and not important at the beginning.

InDesign specific tutorials #

Those who create documents from Adobe’s desktop publishing program InDesign will find appropriate instructions here.

Word specific tutorials #

Those who create documents from Microsoft’s Word text processing program will find appropriate instructions here.

Acrobat specific tutorials #

The better the document was created in InDesign or Word, the less work is required for post-processing in Acrobat Pro.

There is also the option to consider accessibility only after converting to a PDF. However, this is not recommended whenever possible.