Accessible PDF

The purpose of this website is to convey the basics of the production of accessible PDF documents. In addition, it’s meant to be a reference work to fix PDF/UA errors.

Graphic: Arrows point from an InDesign, Word and Acrobat document to a accessible document (Logo of In addition, arrows show the detour of InDesign and Word documents via Acrobat.

A common mistake is taking accessibility into account too late. This also applies to the PDF format. It’s far more complex and time-consuming to deal with it after PDF creation.

It’s much easier and more efficient to give the necessary thought to the process of document creation and to use the tools correctly.

Graphical illustration of a document production process with three phases: conception/design, typesetting/implementation, PDF post-processing. It identifies the two starting points "template creation" and "ad hoc from source document" as more user-friendly and realistic. There is a warning against "Ad hoc from PDF" as more technical and complex. In addition, the editorial influence during template production and during the conception phase is highlighted.

In the Basics you learn how this can be achieved.
The Troubleshooting section will help you to overcome pitfalls to get a PDF/UA-compliant document at the end.

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