Figure without Bounding Box

In PDFs exported from Word, the Bounding Box attributes of all existing images are missing, regardless of the layout option they were placed with.

Issue detected in PDFs made from: #

  • Microsoft Word 2013 for Windows
  • Microsoft Word for Mac (at least up to version 15.33)

PAC 3 error message #

“Figure” element on a single page with no bounding box

Failure Condition of the Matterhorn Protocol #

Not part of the Matterhorn protocol.

Manual approach in Acrobat #

  1. Copy the alternate text of the affected image (navigation pane “Tags” → right click on the <Figure> → Properties → Tag)
  2. Delete the <Figure> tag
  3. Create a new <Figure> tag with the “Reading Order” tool
  4. Check the position of the new <Figure> tag in the tag tree (reading order)
  5. Paste the alternate text you copied in step 1 within the new <Figure> tag (navigation pane “Tags” → right click on the <Figure> tag → Properties → Tag)