Tagged image in header or footer

Issue description #

Everything you put into the header or footer of a Word document, is going to be an Artifact and not tagged. Therefore, images with content value mustn’t be placed in it. Images within the header or footer of a .docx (Word 2013 document without compatibility mode) are incorrectly tagged if they are used with the “Behind Text” layout option.

Issue detected in PDFs made from: #

  • Microsoft Word 2013 for Windows

PAC 3 warning/error #

There is no warning or error for this issue.

Failure Condition of the Matterhorn Protocol #

01-001 Artifact is tagged as real content. (→ manual testing)

Manual approach in Word 2013 #

Since this issue only exists with the layout option “Behind Text” you might change this option if possible.

Manual approach in Acrobat #

  1. The “Reading Order” tool can be used to select such an image
  2. The button “Background/Artifact” changes the image to an Artifact
  3. Repeat this step for each header or footer image